Welcome to Studio Exakt. We design and  visualize future optimistic products.

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Founded in 2020, Studio Exakt has evolved into a design studio exercising strategic thinking, industrial design, and 3D.

Our Design Process

Our approach is based on cross-disciplinary collaboration, which enables the creation of innovative products. The transformation of ideas into meaningful products and visualizations is achieved by combining strategic design thinking, industrial design principles, and 3D technology.

Strategic Design

Industrial Design

3D Modeling

3D Rendering

Let’s talk about what we can create together.

Our expertise is firmly grounded in the vision of an optimistic future, where the products we use are not only meaningful and necessary but also exciting.

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Product development

Everything we create is digitally fabricated. Everything.

Creating meaningful E-Commerce experiences with the help of 3D.

Quad Blossom Vase

Meaningful E-Commerce

Your e-commerce product page is your virtual storefront, and it plays a crucial role in convincing visitors to become customers.

Incorporate high-resolution images and animations to showcase your product from various angles and provide a better understanding of the product's features and functionality. Implement a 360-degree view feature to allow customers to examine product details more closely.

These visual elements not only capture attention but also provide potential customers with a clear and detailed view of your product, increasing the likelihood of conversion.


Studio Exakt was founded in 2020, during the heat of the pandemic. A time when onsite working was in many cases impossible. Hence began the idea of providing remotely, digitally fabricated services for brands.

Today, Studio Exakt is made of a Nordic team operating from Helsinki and Copenhagen.

Studio Exakt helps businesses in the field of interior, furniture and home decor to build their brands digital presence and help their products succeed in the immersive internet.

Some of our partners

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